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activity A880
ARDENTA activity Series
Advanced System-independent 3D Dental Scanner

Activity A880
is an optical 3D-Scanner for high precision digitizing of jaw models. The unique feature of this scanner is the fact that it can scan articulated models and output the data in a skull-related co-ordiante system. The scanner provides an electronic data file which represents a 3-dimensional image of the models. These data can be used for 3D visualization or computerized design of artificial dentition.

Activity 880 is supplied with a user software which is especially designed for the needs of dentists, orthodontists and dental technicians. The software consists of three main modules: patient data interface, scanner control and the 3D viewer to display the scan results.

The 3D optical scan process comprises scan of mandible model, scan of maxilla model and vestibular scan. The scanner will thus provide a data set that contains complete mandible and maxilla surface scan with a local accuracy of 10 microns.

Both models are registered in the dental correct relation within the same co-ordinate system. When scanning articulated models the data will be in a skull-related co-ordinate system. Output data are saved in open STL format.

Scanning of articulated models: In order to carry out a scan, an articulated model of the mandible is fixed magnetically on a compatible articulator base holder inside the scanner.  Then a 3D scan is carried out. The process is repeated for the maxilla model. As a third step, both models are combined in an articulator set-up inside the scanner and scanned together in occlusion.

Scanning of demountable models: To carry out a scan the jaw model is fixed at a special model holder. This holder can be configured to suit different model systems with small effort. After fixing the scanner starts a pre-scan to capture the global geometry of the cast model. When the pre-scan is finished an image of the model is displayed. This image is used for the scan definition: The user can define which teeth are to be scanned with a few mouse clicks.After the scan definition is complete,  the system will carry out the 3D scan of the selected teethIn the following step, the prepared teeth are scanned one by one without the neighboring teeth, because the interdental areas have to be completed.

Both uses can be combined.

Cases of application for the data, create by Activity 880 could be:

  • Processes of therapy shown directly on the PC and visualized in 3D
  • Before and after pictures can be demanded and customized to the patient
  • An electronic database to avoid a long-term and room-sapping archiving of plaster models


  • Open STL output data
  • Scanfixators for different articulators
  • Easy to learn and to operate
  • Accuracy up to 10µm
  • 3D sensors of different resolution availableSystem Tool Drawer
  • No yearly licence fees
  • Two years guarantee
  • Operating system Windows 7, 64 bit

Technical data:

  • Dimensions ca.: 440 x 640 x 430 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight approx: 38 kg
  • Power connections: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, approx. 100W
  • PC interface: USB
  • Languages of software provided: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian and Chinese. The inclusion of further languages is ongoing and available upon request.
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